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The Swaziland Library and Information Association (SWALA) was founded in
1984 and has enjoyed good working relations with the Government of
Swaziland, Development partners as well as stakeholders in the

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Now that we have more information to deal with it, librarian information specialists are becoming more useful.

As librarians we develop ways to make information useful. We teach patrons on how to evaluate sources and how to use those sources.  Helping someone find a critical piece of information is what makes our job really rewarding.  Working as a librarian is challenging and you must be ready to adapt to change and unexpected events.  The is so much to teach people out there or the public about libraries and there are so many resources available.

From finding a book on the shelve to using the internet.  As a librarian, you are surrounded by books, journals, CD-ROMs, Newspapers etc, and you have access to all information in the world at your fingertips, in both print and electronic form. You learn something everyday and interact with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Some people say that a Librarian's life is somewhat dull and boring, but this statement itself is somewhat boring, but most importantly its empty.  Having said what I've just said, I must say that we need to find ways to raise our visibility and communicate our value to significant decision makers.  In this time and age of information overload, the world needs us.

By Dudu Dlamini
Extracted from vol 22 October 2009

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